Prolific Hair Studio

North York's Go-To Destination for Hair Cutting and Styling

Our Space

We are driven by your confidence when you leave our shop, and that is an integral part of our shop philosophy and work ethic. 

We are strategically located, right off highway 400, dedicated to cater to clients all around the GTA. We are excited for you to put your trust in us.

︎2201 Finch Avenue West, Unit 11

︎ 416-741-6616

︎ @Prolific.Hairstudio

Meet the Team

Jay Santos                        ︎

Kien Tran                          ︎

Nicco Barbero                  ︎

Rich Le                              ︎

Dolby Dol                         ︎

Timothy Ramos                ︎

Cuts From Our Studio

Inspired by modern minimalism and inclusivity, Prolific Hair Studio offers a space you can look forward to relax in. 

We are a strategically located barbershop in North York, right off highway 400, catering to clients from all around the GTA.

We are driven by your confidence when you leave our shop and that is an integral part of our philosophy and work ethic. 

We look forward to welcoming you into the shop and starting your hair journey together. 

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︎2201 Finch Avenue West, Unit 11

︎ (416) 741 6616

︎ @Prolific.Hairstudio

Meet the Team

Jay Santos                                            ︎

Kien Tran                                                 ︎

Nicco Barbero                                       ︎

Rich Le                                                   ︎

Dolby Dol                                              ︎

Timothy Ramos                                     ︎

The Prolific Process

Our process begins with a thorough consultation. We take the time to understand your desired style, discuss any concerns or preferences, and provide expert advice on what would best complement your features and lifestyle. Whether you come in with a clear vision or you are simply putting your trust in us, your consultation will make you feel at ease that you are on your way to getting your best haircut.
Once we have a clear understanding of your goals, our experienced barbers will analyze your hair type, texture, and facial structure. Transparent communication helps to build an understanding of what can be achieved, whether that be at the time of your consultation, or what you can expect as you go on your hair journey.
With precision and artistry, our skilled barbers execute your chosen haircut with meticulous attention to detail. We utilize the latest techniques and tools to ensure a seamless and professional result. At Prolific Studio, we are experienced in a variety of styles, including fade cuts, tapers, traditional slick-backs, trendy mullets, wave cuts, afro cuts, shags, among others. The list goes on.
To complete your look, our barbers provide expert styling tips and techniques. Whether you prefer a polished and refined style or a more relaxed and casual aesthetic, we will guide you to help maintain or style your haircut at home. We offer products in store for purchase and an abundance of suggestions for your styling needs.